Considerations about using SIT (specific immunotherapy)
. avoidance is impossible or otherwise inadequate.

2. restrictions in QoL, eg social isolation, avoidance of sports activities
3. insufficient medication, overt or suspected (compliance)
4. side effect of -"-, immediate or tardive (later on)         
5. to prevent new/worse allergy
6. to prevent asthma
7. avoidance + medication insufficient
8. early rather than late in the disease course
9. intolerable/heavy allergy symptoms
10. desire to be free from medication
11. so far the only treatment that attenuates/modulates the allergic course in long term, probably* better than anti-IgE!
12. other treatment including corticosteroids may eventually result in side effects, all other medications put together do not have the same proven protection against deterioration, new allergies/asthma/worsening symptoms!
13. SIT has also proven effect on BHR/eosinofil inflammation (ECP), S Rak-studies
. SIT is very safe, fatal outcomes of anaphylaxis and serve asthma are much more common among untreated patients. Several millions have been SIT treated in USA and Europe.
15. long term cost-effective benefits for the society as well as for the individuals - generally lower costs than other treatments, in the long run economically prudent.
16. SIT prognosticates improvement of concurrent treatment, better asthma control, ultimately less allergy problems.
17. ad point 2) - if your patients want to be able to enjoy nature, be able to visit friends who have pets (cats/dogs/horses), less social restriction/selection
18.also, as pointed out in 2) and 17), less employment and opportunities restrictions, see Sw word for home service / service home living and so forth.
19. SIT together with avoidance and other allergy medication has the best known effect in allergy treatment - you may not be secure with only one of these three measures
20.Other forms of treatments may eventually prove to be counterproductive: More allergy, more asthma and with some medication alternatives, severe side effects - specific immunotherapy (SIT), or allergy vaccinations almost never result i undesirebly side effects

* the impact of this word is to be compared with the slogan "probably the best beer in the world"